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2023 Match Reports


Highlights of our great games!


Round 13

Bosco U7 v Kurnell Stingrays

Marton Park

Final score:  76-24 to Bosco

Round 13 and our U7s travelled to Kurnell to take on a strong Stingrays outfit coming off an impressive win last round. The Bosco Bulldogs were also buoyed by back-to-back wins for the first time this season and looking to add to their 'W' column. With the added instruction of two passes from the coach, the boys took to the new game plan like ducks to water and dominated the game from the outset. 


As the game wore on, our defence started to lapse and our new attacking systems began to wane. Overall it was an exceptional performance by Bosco taking out the contest76-24 and proving that they are capable of playing as a team, and beginning to understand rugby league.  

U7 27 July 1.jpeg

Round 12

Bosco U7 v Yarrawarrah Tigers

Boystown Oval

Final score:  60-56 to Bosco

After last week's bye/representative round, the U7s were at home again to the Yarrawarrah Tigers. In their previous meeting earlier in the season, the game ended in a 56-all draw and true-to-form defence took a backseat to strong hard running and plenty of points, with the boys coming out and taking an early lead. As the game progressed it was clear who the Bosco Bulldogs needed to shut down, but that was easier said than done as the Tigers slowly clawed their way back into the contest. 


Uncharacteristic errors started to creep in, the gap in the scoreboard started to close and the coach's hair started to change shade. Fortunately the Bosco boys were able to nullify some late Tigers attacking raids and hold onto a nail-biting 60-56 win.  Well done boys! Phew! 

U7 27 July.jpeg

Round 9

Bosco U7 v Engadine Dragons

Boystown Oval

Final score:  44 - 44

The U7s took on the Engadine Dragons who were also regraded from the blue division. Unlike last time we met, the boys came out fired up. Unfortunately our usual mistakes of thinking you can only score in the corner saw us bundled in to touch the first two times we had chances to score. Our defensive line then started to resemble the zigzag railway allowing the Dragons to score some relatively easy tries.  Bosco were able to keep in touch on the scoreboard with some strong straight running but some cheap penalties helped match the opposition upfield as our defensive started to tighten up.


We went into the final quarter holding a slender one try lead which quickly evaporated, and with the chance to win the game inside the final minute we just couldn't find the right play to cross the line with. The game ended in another draw - our fourth for the season and second against this Dragons outfit. 


U7 R9.jpeg

Round 9

Bosco U12 GTL v Cronulla Caringbah

Boystown Oval

Final score:  22 - 22

A 22-all draw for our silver tag team at home today. The majority of our Bosco players are playing up one, two or even three age groups. Following the loss of the toss, we had a great lead in the first half. The girls worked well in marker with tags a-plenty.

Today the winner was Girls Tag League - great sportsmanship from both team - with thanks to Cronulla-Caringbah.


U12 R9.jpeg

Round 8

Bosco U7 v Cronulla Caringbah 

Cronulla High School

Final score:  28 - 28

Round 8 brought the U7 full circle. After playing each team once, the boys had an underwhelming record of one win, two draws and four times coming second. In all fairness this didn't resemble how well the team has been progressing.  With this, the decision was made late Friday for the coach to remain off the field and expose the mighty platinum team to what it takes to organise themselves - many thought this would be disastrous. 

So the boys took to the field at the unusual time of 8am and surprised everyone with just how ready they were to take this massive leap with minimal fuss. Strong defence was the order of the day by both teams as scores stayed low and tight until the usual Bosco mistakes of running out came back, as well as a few dubious calls from the ref. This included a knock-on while putting the ball down, and held up which was decided after the boys were already celebrating this. This saw the boys behind 28-16 going into the last quarter.


Some strong words spoken during the last break led to a fight-back which saw the boys add a much-deserved draw 28-all to their record. Clearly was the best team performance by the group so far this season and looking forward to them building on this after the long weekend. 


U7 R8.jpeg

Round 8

Bosco U7 GTL v  Como Jannali Crocodiles

Boystown Oval

Final score: 60-52 to Bosco 

It was a closely contested match for the GTL U7s this week. Our girls showing how much they have improved since their first game. They defended complete sets throughout the game and looked organised, allowing them to run away with some really impressive tries. A great game and smiles all around. Looking forward to coming back after the long weekend. 


U7 GTL R8.jpeg

Round 7

Bosco U7 v Como Jannali Crocodiles 

Boystown Oval

Final score: 36-60 to Como

Round 7 and the U7s were at home to a very strong Como outfit, at our preferred time of 9am. From the outset it was clear that the Bulldogs were there to play - going try for try early on, until familiar mistakes started to enter their game. 

Drop balls and running sideways teamed with some flimsy defence allowed the Crocs to skip away to handy lead.  The Bulldogs fought their way back into the game to be down by only two tries late in the third quarter but a few more mistakes were enough for Como to score a couple of late tries to win a little more comfortably. A big step up from last week's game though, with more straight, hard running and bruising tackles. The boys all agreed they need to focus better at training and hopefully they do this week. 

U7 R7.jpeg

Round 7

Bosco U7 GTL v Kurnell Stingrays

Marton Park

Final score: 44-64 to Bosco 

Great game by our might U7 GTL this week. Their defence continues to improve each week and this week it really showed with a number of opposition sets ending in a handover. All of the girls amazed us with line breaks and length of the field tries, but the real hero of this week was their solid tagging and defensive line. Great work girls. 

U7 GTL R7.jpeg

Round 6

Bosco U7 v Gymea Gorillas

Boystown Oval

Final score: 16-68 to Gymea

Round 6 and the U7s took on the might of the undefeated Gymea side. From the outset things didn't look good for the home side. Normally we would blame the late time slot for the lack of focus, but combine that with the physicality of the Gymea defence and it was easy to see that we would be in for a tough four quarters. Couple that with some high, dirty tackles and we just weren't in the contest. Thankfully the boys rallied for each other after hearing the opposition talk about keeping them at 0 and they managed to break Gymea's defences on multiple occasions to score a few tries. They bombed a few chances but were able to bring the game home strong and win the final quarter. Hopefully this game was a wake-up call for them and understand training hard and focussing will help them to be better on game days. 

U7 R6.jpeg

Round 6

Bosco U12 girls tackle v Como Jannali Crocodiles

Sutherland Oval 1

Final score: 24 - 20 to Como

The girls 12s tackle team experienced their first piece of adversity in sport this week. Winning 20-18 with one set left, Como knocked it on twice in the lead up to the last and we tackled them on the buzzer. Como get a penalty and put a kick in goal to score an apparent try to win well after the buzzer. 

The girls did so well to take on the ladder leaders only to get beaten in the final moments. We had some very upset girls but what an effort. It's certainly added fuel to their fire. Here we come!

12 girls tackle.jpeg

Round 5

Bosco U7 GTL v Gymea Gorillas

Boystown Oval

Final score: 44 - 60 to Gymea

The girls came up against some tough opposition this week but we are yet to see anything that will wipe the smiles off their faces. They have been working hard on their tagging at training and everyone could see that this had paid off. They were so determined in their defence and never gave up.  They didn't take the win but you couldn't tell from their smiles. What a great bunch of girls. Great game. 

U7 GTL.jpeg

Round 5

Bosco U7 Blues v De La Salle

Captain Cook Oval

Final score: 40 - 20 to De La Salle

In round 5 the U7s were off to Captain Cook Oval for a later game than what they are used to. The boys don't seem to like the late games as was evident from the kick off which, although only went 2 metres, we were judged to have knocked on. From there, things just didn't seem to go our way -  we again kept running sideways and getting tackled over the sidelines. We were strong in defence at times with some really strong low tackles and some great cover tackles. All the boys seemed keen to go in for the cover try-saving tackles instead of keeping a strong defensive line. This allowed De La easy metres and turning their cover defence inside out to score their tries. 


More work needed on the defensive line at training this week but it was another entertaining performance, despite the result not going our way, Hopefully the boys put in a better performance for their mums on Mothers Day!

U7 R5.jpeg

Round 5

Bosco U8 Blue v De La Salle U8 Blue

Captain Cook Oval

Final score: 28-20 to De La Salle

A hard-fought game by the boys this week. some big runs down the centre and some great cover defence. Slippery conditions took both teams by surprise with plenty of plays being handed over. The boys love to raise the coach's blood pressure and are known for a big comeback. Unfortunately the opposition got through our defence and put in a few too many early tries this week. The boys fought their hearts out but couldn't quite bring back the score line. Great effort boys. 

Round 4

Bosco U7 Blues v Yarrawarrah Tigers

Boystown Oval

Final score: 56 - 56 draw

Round 4 saw the U7s in another highly competitive game against Yarrawarrah at the unusual timeslot of 10am - which may have thrown the boys off a little. Bosco were slow out of the blocks, which has become the norm when they don't train well during the week, and found themselves behind early in the game. However, showing what a strong team they are when they work together, the boys clawed their way back into the game mainly through some strong running. Defence went out of the window this week to the dismay of the coach, but they were able to sneak away with a 56-all draw. Hopefully they can improve their dedication and bring oppositions score down a smidge. 

U7 4.jpeg

Round 3

Bosco U7 Blues v Taren Point Titans

Gwawley Oval

Final score: 20 - 36 to Bosco

Round 3 saw the U7s take on a committed Titans team. Unfortunately for them they were taking on a team who carried there second half form from round 2 on to the training paddock then into Saturday’s game. From the outset the Bulldogs showed their defensive muscle which lead to early possession for them and early points. They kept this up throughout the game and again produced some great try saving tackles as well as some ferocious hits, coupled with attacking through the middle and playing to the conditions. The progress they have shown in just 3 rounds is awesome and with continual improvement and hard work they will continue to reap the rewards

U7 3.jpeg

Round 2

Bosco U7 Blues v Engadine Dragons


Final score: 36 - 36

The U7s took on the Engadine Dragons in what was the ultimate local derby. The 'platinum side' coming off in an underwhelming performance last week due to the lack of training were slow out of the blocks against a determined Dragons outfit and found themselves down on the scoreboard early in the game. As the game progressed, the boys slowly found their feet and were able to peg the score back to finish the game 36 all. Some superb try-saving tackles in this game by the amazing boys in blue and white as illustrated in the photo.

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