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Zero Tolerance Laws for Referee Abuse

Following a general meeting at the Sutherland Shire Junior Rugby League this week new tough Zero Tolerance Laws in relation to referee abuse are now in immediate effect.

Nathan Waugh said that he believes these are some of the strictest mandatory penalties in the country but they are necessary to protect the integrity of our great game.

If any member faces a judicial hearing on a report that states they abused a referee or an official inside a 24 month period and they are found guilty by the Judiciary Panel, the following penalties will apply as a minimum and mandatory penalty.

COACHES/ TRAINERS/ MANAGERS/ SPECTATOR (are reported for abusing a referee)

1. 1st Offence - 6 month Ban from all/ any official duties in Rugby League

2. 2nd Offence - 12 month Ban from all/ any official duties in Rugby League

3. 3rd Offence - Life Ban from Rugby League

CLUBS (club responsible for individuals found guilty, can be separate incidents)

1. 1st Offence - $2000 suspended fine

2. 2nd offence - suspended fine plus $2000

3. 3rd Offence - $5000 fine


1. 1st Offence - 6 matches

2. 2nd Offence - 6 month ban

3. 3rd Offence - 12 month ban

If any member has any questions about the introduction of the new laws please don't hesitate to contact the club executive or the Sutherland Shire Junior Rugby League.

Please note, the above penalties will be enforced effective immediately.

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