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Girls Touch League becomes Tag in 2019...


This season the Girls Touch League has become Girls Tag League and will be played under the NSW Rugby League Blues Tag rules. This version of the game is very similar to the Girls Touch League played over the past few seasons but with the obvious difference being that a tackle is constituted by the capture of a tag instead of a touch to the opposing player.

The reason for the change is to bring the CSDJRL in line with other junior rugby league competitions. Up until this point the CSDJRL has been the only region playing this version of the non-contact game. By moving to the NSW RL Tag League format players will have pathways to representative teams.

For more information about NSW RL Blues Tag - Click Here.

Games will continue to be played on Sundays. We are looking for players in all age divisions including Open Ladies so become a Bosco Bulldog in 2019.

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