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2020 Season Report - u10 GTL


Coach: Damian Sullivan

Manager: Rachel Sullivan

Trainer: Daire Fleming

Winners, Winner, Winners! We won the grand final, what more can you say. Best team all year and best bunch of girls and a terrific year. The girls had a fantastic year, only losing 1 game all year to the team we played in the grand final. The girls worked extremely hard all year at training on applying the little things we worked on at training during the year to the games on Sunday. There was a big improvement from the start of the year to the end of the year with all players. I was really proud of everyone and you are a pleasure to coach. Every one of you contributed to our great year and the many wins we had through the year. You all had an exceptional year and you should be really proud of what you did. To be the best team in the Sutherland Shire for the under 10’s is a massive achievement.

Everyone one of you improved out of site through the year and I get much enjoyment from coaching you girls as you are all really competitive, want to learn, all try really hard and are all beautiful young ladies. You are all a credit to your parents. I sincerely hope you all come back and play next year and try and stick together as you will all only get better. I don’t think you girls realise just how good a team you could be.

Thanks to the parents who helped out with BBQ, setting up grounds, and working the canteen, really appreciate all your help. I hope to see you all back next year.

Girls, please all come back and play again as you are all very good footy players, you all get along very well and there are more and more opportunities for girls now in rugby league and sport in general.


Scarlet came all the way from Caringbah every week to play and improved out of site towards the back end of the year. Once we got Scarlet working and practicing her tagging her confidence grew and she was a different girl. Very good runner of the ball and pleasure to see her having fun and making some big runs, enjoying herself. Saved her best game to the grand final and played terrific. Hope to see you back Scarlet, with a year under your belt you will only improve more and more. Well done, great effort Scarlet.


Leah was another star of the team. Regularly ran through the whole defending teams and had them chasing her in circles. One of the best players in the competition and a real competitor and tries her hardest at everything she does. Scored a million tries through the year and made a thousand tags for us. Very fast and elusive and one of the hardest players to tag. Gave her best for us every week and tried to apply what we did at training to the game every week. Well done Leah, you starred for us this year and had a terrific year.


Paige cut back on the 2 bags of snakes before training and the games at the start of the year which resulted in lack of concentration, drop in energy and no drive. Once we got Paige back on the lollies the old happy smiling Paige was back. When Paige runs straight, she is a threat with the ball every time. Paige improved a lot towards the back end of the year and saved a number of tries for us with her tagging. Real team player who puts the team first. Always made plenty of metres for us with the Great work out of dummy half for us this year. Another good year Paige, well done.


Erin is the team’s social director who plays a bit of football, but plays very well. Never in bed before midnight but usually comes good by the first 10 minutes after she has had a sleep on the bench. Only person I know who asks me does she have to run! Great little player who is very elusive and nimble on her feet. We love having Erin around the team. Had a great grand final and really played well at dummy half for us. Regularly would sneak a few tries out of nothing. Another great year Erin, well played.


Sophie has another terrific year and one of the best players in the competition, if not the best. Plays her heart out every week till she is exhausted even when Ella has had her up all night singing and dancing. Scored millions of tries, kicked goals and made a thousand tags. Wants to listen and learn and tries everything we practice at training in the game. Real team player and wants everyone to have a fair go. Had a fantastic game in the grand final. Typical great year and what we expect from you Soph, well done, you had a terrific year!


Evelyn had another good year with plenty of tries and a stack of runs. The biggest part of Evelyn’s game this year was the number of tries she saved with some great tagging for us defending on the wing. One of the team’s best taggers and had a fantastic grand final for us and saved a number of tries which could have changed the game. Glides when she runs the ball and changes direction at speed and looks like a real athlete when running. Great year Evelyn, you’re a star, you keep improving, well done.

Ruby Walker

Ruby started the year off with a bang, scoring tries, making breaks every time she would touch the ball and looked like a star. Unfortunately, poor old Ruby wrapped her arm around someone’s leg and broke her arm. Missed back end of season, however, Ruby’s hard work at the start of the year really helped us win a lot of games and get us to the grand final. Ruby still turned up to every game with a broken arm which showed how much of a team player she is. Well done Ruby, big year for you next year with two good arms.


Happy, smiling Ella. Ella was the teams smiley face who would do anything for the team. Kept Sophie up all night singing and dancing and I had to wake them up to play! Great runner of the ball and never has a bad game. Defended on the wing this year as she never lets anyone get past her and hates losing. Had a great grand final game and played well again for us all year. Scored a number of great tries through the year and great kicker of the ball. Another great year for you Ella, well done, see you next year.


Ronia just got better and better every week and saved her best game until the grand final. Tore the other team apart with her running game and never let anyone past her whilst defending. Scored a stack of tries through the year and one on the competition’s best players. Looks like a real athlete when running the ball and really quick and elusive. Reads the game really well and knows when to run the ball. Has a real talent for the game. Will only get better and better. Great year Ronia, you did very well.


Anna just loves her footy and loves talking even more! Always the first to come up with a new training suggestion and does everything at 400 miles per hour. Anna played first receiver for most of the year and did a terrific job for us all year in a tough position. Anna worked hard on her tagging through the year and improved out of site with her tagging and made a heap of try saving tags. At the back end of the year Anna started to run the ball more and looked very good running the ball and made ground every time. Keep up the hard work Anna, you did a great job for us this year, well done on your year.


Tia’s tagging improved out of site and saved a heap of tries for us through the year and a couple of crucial tags in the grand final that could have led to tries. Really worked on her running game through the year and got better as the year went on with a couple of long runs and good tries. Loves her footy and had another good year. Real team player and happy to make sure everyone is getting a fair go. Well done Tia you had a very good year with a big improvement from last year.

Ruby SF

Ruby had her best year for us. Unfortunately had to put up with her old man talking about his days in the IRA Gaelic Football team, which confused the hell out her. Slotted in to dummy half for most of the year and did a great job for us. Read the game really well from dummy half and would run from dummy half and make a heap of ground for us. The biggest part of Ruby’s game that improved was her tagging. We worked on tagging at training and Ruby improved out of site make some great tags for us that saved a few tries. Loves her footy and always has a smile on her face. Big year for you Ruby, well done, see you next year.

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