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2020 Season Report - u11 Division 2 (Gold)


Coach: Trent Hill

Manager: Danielle Moffitt

Trainer: Scott Brown

2020 was a phenomenal season for the Bosco Under 11's. In what was a difficult year for all, that is especially the case for the under 11's which consisted of players from the Under 11's and Under 10's age groups combined with several players who were new to the sport. When the season resumed after the COVID suspension, the team took to the field in round 1 after only a hand full of training sessions together. You would have expected the boys to look like strangers on the field, but that certainly wasn't the case. With a 42-6 defeat of the Dragons in round 1, the boys continued through the season, building momentum, and demonstrating a level of teamwork and cohesion that was more befitting of a team that played together for many years.

The team work extremely hard at training throughout the year on building their resilience, attacking structure and intensity in defence. The hard work certainly paid off as the team finished the year with the best defensive record in the competition, conceding less than 12 points on average per game. Finishing the year with the minor premiership and a 6-win, 3 draw, 0 loss record, the boys should be extremely proud of their effort and the teamwork they displayed throughout the year.

Playing Cronulla-Caringbah in the Grand Final, a team that we had 2 draws with during the regular season, it was a nail bitting game that went right down to the final bell. It was by far the best game of the season for the boys who came away with an 18-16 victory. Playing in difficult conditions against tough opposition, the boys showed plenty of composure, resilience, teamwork and skill in attack and defence to grind out a tremendous win. There were too many great performances to single out any players from that game and all of the players performed at their very best on the big stage.

Thank you to all of the players for their hard work and dedication to improve as individuals and as a team throughout the year. The team’s success in 2020 is a direct result of your hard work. Congratulations.

Finally, I just want that thank all of the parents, players and club executive for ensuring that we were able to field a team this year. Thank you to all of the families for their support of the coaching staff and players throughout the year and we hope to see all the boys back at Bosco in 2021.

Will Bergin

2020 was by far Will’s most consistent and well-rounded performance. Playing front row, he was again the leading tackler in most, if not all games. He is fearless and relentless in the way he tackles the opposition, and he has added a level of aggression to his defence that I am sure makes the opposition teams second guess running in his general direction. Although this year we saw the biggest improvements from Will in his attack. He seemed to have an extra yard of pace and he introduced an offload into his game that created another dimension to the team’s attack. Great job Will, keep up the good work.

Josh Bownas

Returning to Bosco in 2021, Josh combined well with his front row partners to provide plenty of go forward for the team. He worked hard at training and showed that he has the ability to provide massive hits in defence, which was felt by many of his teammates at training. Josh rumbled down the field with ball in hand and when he put his mind to it, he made plenty of post contact metres. He has outstanding ball skills for a front rower and will continue to develop into a great player, particularly if he can add a bit more aggression to his game. Keep working hard Josh.

Fletcher Brown

Another outstanding season for Fletch. He started the year in an unfamiliar role at 5/8 which helped him develop new skills which will certainly help him in the future. At the halfway mark of the year, he moved back into the second row and his performances went from strength to strength. His dominance in attack and defence were clear for everyone to see, particularly on Grand Final day when he had a tremendous game, putting his body on the line throughout the game, playing until he was physically ill and still putting himself in the right spot at the right time to prevent a try as the full-time siren sounded. He is undoubtedly a representative player of the future. Excellent Year Fletch.

Dylan Cooper

Dylan is another player who had a standout year in 2020. Dylan played a couple of different roles for the team, starting off in the second row, then moving into the centres for the later part of the season. Dylan’s greatest strength has undoubtedly always been his running game, he runs with purpose and this year his ability to change the angle of attack and find space through the ruck with his running lines was outstanding. His dedication at training and the level of improvement he showed throughout the year with his defence, particularly his tackling technique was most pleasing. Great work Dylan.

Jake Dooley

2020 was Jakes first year with Bosco and his first year playing rugby league. Despite that, and the fact he was debuting in the older age group, Jake had a great year. He worked hard at training to build his skills and knowledge in all aspects of the game and as the season progressed and his confidence grew, Jake definitely started to get more involved in the games. He also had one of his best games on the big stage during the grand final with solid hit ups and plenty of commitment in defence. Jake has plenty of potential and we hope to see him back again at Bosco in 2021.

Sam Dunne

Sam is always a pleasure to coach. He worked extremely hard at training throughout the year in all facets of the game and we definitely saw the benefits on game day. Probably his best year yet, he showed much more confidence in attack, particularly with the level of intent he showed when running into the defensive line. He is always willing to play whatever role is asked of him and this year that saw him play everywhere from front row, through to the wing. With persistence on improving his defensive skills I am certain Sam’s confidence will grow and he will continue to develop into a handy footballer. Thanks Sam.

James Gapps

A quiet kid who took plenty of knocks during the year but kept getting up and playing through the pain. He is a great tackler and is great to watch when he has the ball running into space in the backline. James is extremely reliable and never lets the team down. He is an integral part of the team and whatever the role he is asked to play, he turns up each week with enthusiasm and gives 100%. He has all the skills and technique required to succeed and if he continues to build his own self-belief, he will develop into a very handy football player. Good year James.

Dax Helmrich

The phrase ‘he is a footballer’ definitely applies to Dax. Dax started the season in the centres but moved back to the 5/8 position halfway through the year which was the catalyst for some outstanding performances. In attack, he holds the ball in two hands, constantly putting the defensive line in two minds as he drifts across the field, which is the hallmark of a great ball player. He scored a number of tries from his extra commitment to supporting ball runners, and his ability to straighten up the attack to create space for his outside backs was much improved in 2021. Always a pleasure to coach, great work Dax.

Blake Hill

Playing in the first receiver role, Blake took responsibility for guiding the team around the park. With very little set structure in place, Blake was asked to play what was in front of him and he provided plenty of variety with changes of direction, set plays, backline movements and a solid kicking game that led to a number of tries. The teams attack improved significantly as the year progressed which is a reflection on the consistency of the service and direction Blake provided. With some increased attention to tackling technique and commitment in defence, Blake has the ability to develop into a very good footballer. Keep up the hard work Blake.

Seth Holborow

Returning to Bosco in 2020, Seth was devastating in attack and gave the team plenty of momentum through the middle 1/3 of the field. Seth attracted 5 – 6 defenders with every ball carry which provided plenty of opportunities and space out wide for ensuing backline attacking raids. As he starts to incorporate a consistent offload and adds agility into his running game, Seth has the potential to dominate the game in attack. He worked hard around the ruck in defence and provides a presence in the middle of the field that no doubt terrifies opposition teams. Great year Seth.

Jack Lawson

Jack is a versatile player who was asked to play a variety of positions throughout the season, but to his credit he was willing to put his hand up to play any role that was required, and he did a great job. Jack’s strongest games came when he played in the centres and he is outstanding at doing the 1%ers like kick chase and supporting the ball runner which makes him the perfect team player. Jacks performances improved as the year went on with all areas including his training ethic and we started to see his best performances toward the later part of the season. Good year Jack

Billy McDonald

Billy juggled two codes this season, playing Rugby League and soccer, but he still managed to provide plenty of energy and impact for the team. He is a versatile player who played a number of positions during the year and looked as comfortable in the middle of the field doing the hard work in defence as what he did in the backline running into space. Another player with no sense of self-preservation he is great tackler and showed plenty of enthusiasm to perform whatever role he was asked to play for the team. He has the skill and ability to succeed at Rugby League and we hope to see him back at Bosco in 2021. Great Job Billy.

Blake Moffitt

Another solid year from Blake who is a passionate footballer and works extremely hard to try and improve his skills. He provided sound and consistent service from dummy half and made plenty of well-timed incisive runs from dummy half. Those runs were extremely valuable in getting the team moving forward in their attacking sets, particularly when coming out of our own end of the field, and Blake did a great job. As Blake continues to grow in confidence, he will continue to develop into a great footballer. Great season Blake.

Cooper Nunn

Cooper started the year playing a couple of different positions at training and during games but seemed to find a home out on the wing, a role which he relished. Cooper would come in and run the ball up on our red sets to help the team get out of our end of the field to relieve the pressure on our forwards. During the grand final he led the line speed of our defence, made a number of good decisions and crucial efforts in defence. Keep up the good work Cooper.

Dylan Sammut

There wouldn’t be another kid in the team that loves football as much as Dylan. He was playing up a grade in 2020, but you wouldn’t have known it with the way that he put his body on the line. Playing in the second row, Dylan worked hard at training to improve his skills in defence and attack. By the end of the year the level of improvement was significant, he was committed and busy in defence and he was always prepared to put his hand up for a run. Dylan had one of his best games in the Grand Final and was instrumental in creating momentum for the team. Thanks for the year Dylan.

Lucius Viteri

In his first year of rugby league after converting from soccer, Lucius should be commended for his persistence at training throughout the year to improve his skills and knowledge of the game. On the field, Lucius was fearless, throwing his body into the opposition players without any self-preservation. In the grand final he was instrumental in flying off his wing and putting his body on the line with a bone crunching tackle to shut down an opposition attacking play that proved to be instrumental in winning the game. Great effort Lucius.

Jack Watt

This was Jack’s first year in Rugby League and he showed plenty of promise from the outset with a great try in just his second game as a result of a determined kick chase. With a running style that is reminiscent of former St George and NZ international, Jason Nightingale, Jack proved to be a handful for the opposition and very evasive with the ball in hand. He gave 100% at training each week and his understanding of the game improved as the year progressed. For a little bloke he is courageous and has plenty of potential to develop into a good footballer. Good year Jack.

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