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2020 Season Report - u12 Gold Bosco / Yarrawarrah

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Coach: Shannon Burge

Asst Coach: Michael Wilbers

Trainer: Troy Brown

Manager: James Fletcher

Award Winners

Perpetual Trophy: TBA "Wade Forrester"

Best & Fairest: TBA

Coaches Award: TBA

Most Improved: TBA

As with everybody else around the world, the Bosco Bulldogs 12A's were heavily affected by Covid-19 & the impact of Social Lockdown Restrictions. Unfortunately, the season was not only interrupted, it didn’t start! Progress was slow and getting onto the pitch became a real concern.

Player numbers had fallen to an alarming low & getting the mighty Bosco Bulldogs onto the pitch became a real point of interest & concern for some of the coaching staff. After waiting for potential, last minute, registrations, the decision was made to test a merger with the Yarrawarrah Tigers. This was necessary to boost and ensure player numbers are strong for the next couple of seasons and so on.

There was only 1 week remaining before kick-off to the newly formed Under 12 competition and through determination and the commitment of parents, club officials and players, we were able to lock in a merger with the Yarrawarrah Tigers. We had formed, 2 full graded !2 Gold and 12 Silver squads, along with coaching staff & player strips to get us onto the pitch.

Down to De La Salle for the 12 Golds for Rd1.

It was a real mixed bag of Development, Skill, Attitude, Learning and a New Level of Footy to experience for most of the squad.

Through the course of our season, 8 players would make their A/Gold Grade Debut, 3 would join the 2020 squad from the Yarrawarrah Tigers & 5 would join the 2020 squad after strong seasons in the C-grade side, in 2019.

The season wouldn't be seen by many as a success with regards to results, but as far as player development, skill acquisitions and watching players blossom into bona fide footballers...The coaching staff would all agree, that many foundations have been formed for great future footy to be played.

The stats/numbers are as they stand for the year:

- 10 Games played

- 8 Games for losses

- 2 Games for wins & a whole lot of heart in amongst that.

(2 games of the 10, an ambulance was called for our players, with 1 game abandoned

It has been a challenge, but another great story to add to the journey of the Mighty Bosco Bulldogs / Yarrawarrah Tigers. A newly found attitude along with a desire to play will be the cornerstone to create success on all levels and I have no doubt that the on field wins are not far away.


Lucas Lenarduzzi

Lucas started out the season off on the familiar wing spot but after a few games, he found himself filling a role at Fullback for us. Leno's game play and reads at fullback, both on the ball and off it, were particularly good for us and he's definitely found a confidence in his play that has lifted his game to a new level.

Leno's athletic ability, along with his developed focus, skill set and desire to be a footy player will hold him solid for seasons to come.

Well Done Leno

Dash Delaney-Fielding

Dash joined our team from the Yarrawarrah Tigers as part of the merger and as many of us didn’t know at the time.... He is actually a year younger than we thought and about to debut into his 1st season of Gold Grade Footy. He began the season at fullback and went about his business nicely, but it was when he moved to the right wing that he found some exciting space, particularly in the game against Del - La for the sides 1st win of the season. Dash is a quiet student of the game who will be seen before he's heard & no-doubt is accustomed to his talents talking aloud for him.

He has an incredible natural skill set & when he understands his potential, he will be a highly sort after & talented footballer.

Great Debut Dash

Zac Dixon

Zac was another to make his Gold Grade Debut in season 2020 after a great couple of years in the Bosco C-grade side. He is fast, tough and not one to back down to anything. Zac is another quiet achiever and remarkably, uses his quickness and toughness to get in have a go. Zac is a player who loves to hit from the outside in, a no-nonsense type, give him some simple instructions and get out of the way.

Great work Zac

Brody Kearney

Brody is another debutant into the Grade and finds himself into our team by way of a great season in the C-grade last year, a committed pre-season and a good showing during our internal trials. Brody has come into our team & grown in stature. The season sees him begin t on the wing to eventually, watching him play big minutes in the middle as a no.13.

Brody is all about learning and becoming better at his craft on the footy field. He is the special type of player that is always a pleasure to coach. He's always honest in himself, he will go as hard as he can for as long as he can and do whatever he can for the team. Brody is another of potential and I look forward to watching this young man grow... On & off the field.

Great Season BK

Charlotte Hall

Charlotte once again plied her trade against the boys this season in the Gold Grade and she never took a backward step. She always carried the ball strong and quickly developed those fundamentals that we always talk about. She had the respect of her opposition but more importantly of her team mates as well. Often called upon for a shutdown tackle of or to just be a presence on the right handside. It was to be Charlotte's last year with us, as she moves over to the female only competition as of next year. She has been a great representative for all girls in our game, in the fact that nothing divides the players other than will, commitment and desire to get out there and do their best. We wish Charlotte all the best in Footy and hope that she continues the growth in her game all the way through.

Good Luck Charlotte.

Axel Portlock

Axel is an out and out footy player. No matter where he is on the field, what role is required or what he has to do... Axel will learn the role and get the job done. He loves playing through the middle, getting stuck in and get amongst it all. What he lacks in size is most definitely made up in heart and there's never a lack of trying with this kid. What started out as a backup DH at the start of the year, seen him transition into a lock position for a few games to eventually use his speed and defensive skill sets on the edge in a centre position. Axel is electric with ball in hand and more of that, with time, will build an incredible excitement machine of the future. Axel has definitely grown, in confidence, learning, ability and we look forward to seeing him keep pushing that ceiling of potential even higher.

Great season Axel

Tommy Fogarty

Tommy has been a stalwart of our side for the last couple of years, but it's recently that he's developed the confidence to come out of his shell and become more of a leader in the side. His biggest threat to an opposition is always going to be the way he plays. He's a young man with an old school thirst for footy. He's vocal in what he wants both on the ball and off and is always eager to learn as well. He has a quiet nature, but always gives way to a cheeky grin that lights up the weekly training sessions too. His game has taken on new shape this year, adding some running lines and ball movement. He understands shapes, structures and how we get to spots on the field for attacking raids & he's definitely starting to play towards his potential. Tommy has been a real pleasure to coach over the last 3yrs and I'll be watching over him in the years to come.

Great Season Tommy.

Rhys Fletcher

Rhys is the other side to our backrow with a big learning curve. Rhys is young in years played, in rugby league, but is definitely catching up fast. He plays a simple style game of energy and speed, but given space, he can be a real threat. Rhys is an all game player, physically fit enough to play full games without dropping workloads. His ability to want to engage & play is 2nd to none and again, is always eager to learn and become better. Rhys is another with a very tall ceiling of potential and I look forward to seeing how far this young man goes.

Great year Rhys

Lachlan Psaila

Lachy has been with this team for a fair number of years now and continues to grow his power game. His skill set is as natural as can be with a power play that few can handle on his day and with that, he was our side's highest points scorer with the most tries for this season. He's ball skills have improved along with his vision but it's his power game which is his best asset. Lachy possesses the kind of game that turns heads but it's whether Lachy believes in his talents as much as his coaches do. I can't wait for the day when Lachy flicks the switch and it all makes sense to him.

Great season Lachy.

Chase Edwards

Chase has been a slow burn at no.7, for quite a number of seasons with us and that's exactly how we wanted it to be. He has been slowly developing his skills and enjoying himself in the moments, but this year has been his best yet. His focus, his learning and his team play have been real assets to him and his team. He's constantly heard talking on the field to his team, cheering and motivating them through plays, along with some friendly playing advice for the opposition here and there. His biggest improvements this year, has definitely been him knowing and understanding the role he plays and his defence. Our halves would be among the smallest in the comp and they are in the firing line a lot. Traffic is of the norm for us in the middle and Chase has not only showed that he can handle the defensive load in the halves, but tends to excel at times. Chase has formed quite a combination with his halves partner Nate Ryan this year and together they are starting to build something very good indeed.

Great season Chase.

Nate Ryan

Nate is the other side to our halves pairing and has really found a home in the no.6 this year. Every aspect of Nate's game has gone to a new level. His learning of attack shapes and structures has been a real sight to see this season and with this, he's become a key leader on and off the ball. His defence has been just as impressive as his control around the field. Often putting his body on the line, He's learnt that no single play is a given and there's always a fight within the play to be had. Nate has had an off the scale type season and we expect him to continue this form into next yr.

Awesome Season Nate.

Joshua Rule

Josh is another of the Yarrawarrah players who debuted into the Gold Grade this year and absolutely found his feet through the middle. Josh had a great season this year, going about his work quietly & doing what he loves to do.... And that's simply just getting in there & having crack. His size and natural strength make him a formidable player but it’s his footy smarts around the field that make him a real asset to the team. Josh's potential far exceeds his current play & with that we hope to see him pushing every week in confidence.

Great Work this season Josh

Cooper Wilbers

CW has been busting his way through our middle for the last couple of years with little to nothing being said by him at all. He takes the run’s, he sticks his tackles and is a real workhorse and a warrior for our side. Cooper's learning of the game has been at a high level also. Sighting both running targets and play calls along with defensive stop reads as well. He continues to be the no-nonsense middle that sides are built around and continues the push for more.

Great season CW

Taj Faulkner

Taj just completed his 2nd season with our side and was a real asset to us in the middle 3rd of the field. Taj most certainly is our leader when it comes to playing with aggression and being a real presence on the field. His work is infectious, often with some great carries or letting an opponent know about the shot he just put on them. Together with Josh & CW, he formed quite the powerful Middle combination & I can’t wait to see what is next for this enforcing middle.

Great Year Taj

Daniel Harper

Dan is another of the Yarrawarrah Tigers converted to the merged side this year. Dan was also another to acquire his Gold grade wings by way of debuting for us this year. He is a skilful player with great ability around the ruck. He plays a good heads up game, scooting from dummy if the markers aren't paying attention to him and leading to tries as well. Dan’s a small talker with plenty of go in him and defensively solid too. He has fitted into the squad seamlessly and bought into his new team's values rather quickly. He's a player of good size, fitness & footy smarts.... I look forward to what his Rugby League future presents.

Great Season Dan

Ryder Fergusson

Ryder joined our side after some great form last year in the C-grade and a trial that earnt him Gold Squad selection for season 2020. Ryder is another who is young in footy experience but is a player of great potential and he showed that throughout his first season of Gold Grade footy. He's defensively keen and strong, so Ryder played on the edges for us, testing the line with ball in hand and defending with real vigour. Ryder has been a real treat to watch throughout the season. His commitment to the training paddock has seen him come along quickly with team structures and values. Ryder is one to be watching over the next coming seasons as he starts to find the confidence to match his talents.

Great season Ryder

James Devaney

Jimmy made a solid return to our squads this season, after another cracker year in the C-grade last year. He's small in stature but make no mistake, Jimmy knows what he wants and with ball in hand he becomes 10ft tall. Often found taking runs through the middle or getting around an edge, Jimmy has an electric skill set. Defence is another feather in the cap for Jimmy, as he loves the contact and given that, with his speed, he became a real weapon for us on both sides of the field. In doing so, Jimmy earnt a call up from Coach Bluey to play in and feature in his U13's Silver Premiership winning side of this year. Jimmy is a real prospect and we look forward to seeing him out there next year.

Excellent Season & Congrats on the U13's win buddy.

Cooper Moss

Mossy was a notable omission on most game days this season due to his heavy snowboarding schedule. Although Mossy would head to the snow on most weekends, he was there at training every night, ripping in with his team mates and committing to the grind of the 2020 season. He was dubbed the most committed player in the team and a smile was never far away. He has a great skill set and with more game days under his belt I'm sure we'll see him start to carve up the footy field like he does the snow.

Excellent commitment to the team and a great season Mossy.

Harley Brown

Browny was geared up to have a massive 2020 season. He was keen as anyone. It would have been until 8 mins in the very 1st quarter of the adapted season. Harley had a major injury to his left elbow and from that point his season was over. Harley was obviously shattered at the prospect of sitting out almost an entire season.

As luck, determination and a lot of convincing would have it, Harley got a shot at redemption by suiting up and playing against Como in the last game of the season. Harley finished the year with one of the best games we've seen by him ever. He was strong on and off the ball and in everything. After the game that day, we are left to ponder what may have been for Harley. Luckily enough well have next year to find out.

Great way to finish the year Browny!

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