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2020 Season Report - u7 Red

Coach: Michael Harb

Manager: Nichole Teasel

Award Winners

Best and Fairest: Harry Teasel

Coaches Award: Carter Smith

Most Improved: Cooper Harb

The 2020 season was well welcomed as we didn’t think we would have one. The excitement from all the boys was amazing. The boys love playing rugby league and to see how they embraced each other as a team was proof we had a great team. I saw these boys grow in confidence and their willingness to help each other was second to none.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to be able to coach this year. I can honestly say I enjoyed every Wednesday night training and Saturday game with the boys. I would like to thank Nichole Teasel and Francesca Harb, Every Wednesday night they would start the training session and warm up the boys. I can’t wait for the 2021 season.

Congratulations to our main award winners Harry Teasel, Carter Smith and Cooper Harb. All you boys made it very hard as you all turned up every week and gave it your all. I am very proud of you all.

We scored a massive 102 tries this year with all the boys getting some tries under their belts. I would like to thank Luca, Levi, Max and Archie and their parents from the under 6’s for helping out as subs.

A big thank you to Nichole Teasel for being our team manager. Your organisation was a massive help to the team, parents and myself. We could not have done it without you. Thank You.

A massive thank you goes out to all the parents. Not only did you bring the boys but you all joined in at training whether it be playing adults vs kids or holding the tackle bags. You all did an awesome job cheering the boys on from the sideline. I think we had the best cheer squad ever.

To finish up I would like to thank all the boys. You are all superstars, and have all shown great sportsmanship throughout the season.

Thanks Boys,


Jack Makins

Jack played his first season of Rugby League. He was a bit shy at first but came out of his shell in the middle of the season. Jack’s confidence was building and he was running the ball more and even scored a try. Keep up the good work mate I look forward to 2021.

Cooper Huxford

Cooper joined us from another club this year. He has a strong running game which got him some tries. As Coopers confidence built his defence became better every week. Well done mate keep up the good work i look forward to 2021.

Harry Teasel

Congratulations to Harry for his Best and Fairest award. Harry was a clear winner of this award. Harry’s try scoring and his defence is second to none. His natural ability for this game amazes me he just keeps getting better and better. Congratulations on another great year i look forward to 2021.

Nash Drury

Nash had another great year for the team. His off loads are the best in the team. Nash’s passion for the game is amazing. Mid way through the season you could see Nash starting to take control of the team and calling who was going to run the ball. Keep up the great work mate and I look forward to 2021.

Cooper Harb

Congratulations Cooper on the most improved award. Cooper had another great year his running of the ball made it hard for the other teams to stop. As the season went on he was running the ball harder. Cooper was able to score some tries with his hard hit ups but also realised that it’s not always about scoring but how close you can get your team to the try line. Keep up the good work mate I look forward to 2021.

Carter Smith

Congratulations Carter on getting the coaches award. Carter gets this award this year because of his competitiveness and how involved he was in every game. His try scoring and defence is amazing. His determination and drive rubbed off on all the boys. Keep up the great work mate and congratulations on a great season. I look forward to 2021.

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