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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Junior League coaches are required to complete the Community Coach accreditation course. This course provides coaches with the knowledge to help create a positive coaching environment that is focused on having fun, developing friendships, and focusing on fundamentals.

The structure of the accreditation process has changed. All details can be accessed at

None accredited coaches will need to complete an age specific eLearning component before the season starts than register for a face-to-face workshop to be held later in the year (possible late May but details to come when known). This process will cost $20. Upon completion of the eLearning and face-to-face workshop, coaches will receive accreditation for a period of four (4) seasons.

Community Coach Courses age brackets are:

- 6 -7’s eLearning, 6-12’s workshop

- 8-9’s eLearning, 6-12’s workshop

- 10-12’s eLearning, 6-12’s workshop

- 13-15’s eLearning, 13+ workshop

- 16+ eLearning, 13+ workshop

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