• Bosco Bulldogs

General Meeting 2021 Schedule

Updated: Jan 18

The first Tuesday of every month starting February we will have our monthly meeting starting at 7pm. We would like every team to be represented. Anyone with an interest in the mighty Bosco Bulldogs is welcome also.

  • 2nd February (Club Heathcote)

  • 2nd March (Club Heathcote)

  • 6th April (Club Heathcote)

  • 4th May (Bosco Clubhouse)

  • 1st June (Bosco Clubhouse)

  • 6th July (Bosco Clubhouse)

  • 3rd August (Bosco Clubhouse)

  • 7th September (Bosco Clubhouse)

  • 5th October (AGM) (Club Heathcote)

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