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2020 Season Report - u15 GTL

Coach: Holly Miles

Manager: Jo Neilson

Trainer: Trent Chatterton

This year the girls improved dramatically from their first game to the last. Their team work and confidence in each other allowed them to play well against most teams in the competition. The key improvements made this year would be ball skills, defence, and kicking skills. The girls worked hard together and should be proud of what they achieved. A massive thanks to Trent for his help with coaching the girls this year, as well as Jo and Tatum for managing. Hope to see you all next year!

Thanks, Holly.

Zoe Donnan

Zoe is a valued player in the team as she is a great utility player. She is a player that can be put anywhere on the field and will excel. Her determination to improve as a player is fabulous and makes her a pleasure to coach. This determination has allowed her ball game to improve tremendously and she continued to improve every week. Congratulations on the great season Zoe!

Phoebe Hales

Phoebe really showed her leadership skills this year, stepping up in tough games and leading by example with her never give up attitude. This, along with her positivity lifted everyone around her and helped the team get through those tough matches. Phoebe is naturally gifted and can do anything she puts her mind to. Her improvement this year was awesome to watch. Thanks for the great season Phoebe!

Kaili Meredith

Kaili’s natural ability to read the game was a pleasure to watch. Kaili is a phenomenal player to watch and coach, she is a great listener at training and is dedicated to improving herself. This attitude saw improvements in Kaili that were outstanding. Although she can be hard on herself, this brings a determination in Kaili that always pays off and allows her to lift the whole team and play with 100% effort 100% of the time. Well done on an amazing season Kaili!

Anna Schnabel

Anna is someone who constantly strives to improve. She pushes herself hard and It definitely paid off. Anna’s kicking game was incredible and we could always rely on her to get us in a good position from her kicks. Any advice given to Anna was always taken on board. All these things allowed Anna to become an even better player than she already was. Thanks for the season Anna, keep working hard!

Chelsea Chatterton

Chelsea’s has become a confident and talented player this season. Chelsea can pick things up very quickly and has used her skills to improve her game. Chelsea is a great player and really stepped up this year and became one of the leaders of our team, not only did she step up in leadership but her ball skills and playmaking did too. Chelsea had a great season, and should be very proud of her improvements. Thanks for the great season Chels!

Shara Flanagan

Shara is a determined young lady who plays with her game whole heartedly. She is versatile and can play and do anything that is asked of her. She plays for her team and although small she was never scared to play hard. Shara is talkative and is liked by all her teammates. Shara has the ability to improve on anything if she puts her mind too it. Congratulations on a great season Shara!

Holly Landers

Holly’s confidence this season improved dramatically. When playing in the middle she has the ability to control the game and set the pace that she wants to play at. Holly is a versatile player and is a valued member of the team. Her involvement at training paid off and was shown through the improvement of her ball skills and kicking ability. Well done on a great season Holly!

Isabella Massey

Bella is one of the fastest players in our competition. With the ball in her hands she could do whatever she put her mind to. She is a popular and valued player in the team who will listen to and take on board any feedback given to her. Bella had a great season and I hope you come back next year. Congratulations on a great season Bella!

Gracey Bridges

Gracey, our players player this year is a determined player who is always willing to give something a go. Gracey could do everything on the field and always put in 100% effort. On many occasions Gracey lead by example and lifted many players around her. Gracey is reliable and is committed to the team whole heartedly, she is a key player in our team.

Thank you for the great season Gracey, and congratulations on your achievements!

Maddison Thomas

Maddie was our most improved player this year, she became one of the biggest assets to have on the field. Maddie’s ability to read the game was shown throughout the season and allowed her to become strong in the dummy half position. Each week she improved and gained confidence in her abilities, which was a pleasure to watch. Her ability to listen and take on board feedback made her a pleasure to coach. Well done Maddie!

Michaela Neilson

Michaela is a naturally talented athlete. She is determined and this allowed her to improve in her kicking game this season. Michaela is a valued member of the team and always works hard, on and off the field. With the ball in her hands she could outrun majority of the competition and her natural ability to kick the ball exactly where she would like it to go is a pleasure to watch. Congratulations on a great season Michaela!

Ivy Devaney

Ivy is a cool, calm and collected when on the field, she makes running the length of the field look effortless. Ivy is a reliable and valued player and would run great distances when the ball would get to her on the wing. Ivy strived to improve at training, allowing her to improve greatly this season. She is a pleasure to coach and should be very proud of the season she player. Congratulations on a great season Ivy!

Lara Pool

Lara is a good listener and has the potential to play any position on the field. Lara is a team player who worked hard at training to improve this season. She was one of our most improved players and became a very reliable player on the field and she always put in 100% effort. Well done on a great season Lara, you should be very proud of yourself!

Lauren Hugo

Lauren is hard working and determined player. Lauren developed confidence amongst the team allowing her to believe in herself and her abilities. She is agile, quick and has a lot of potential. She has the ability to step many players in one run and would make many line breaks. Lauren is keen to learn new skills and could confidently play any position she was put in. Thank you for a great season Lauren!

Lyla Smart

Lyla is a valued and reliable player in our team. She is a positive person who is a key player in the team, as she is versatile and is talented in whatever positon she is put in. Lyla’s ball skills improved and confidence in her abilities improved dramatically. She made a huge contribution to the team. Keep backing yourself Lyla, congratulations on a great season!

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