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2020 Season Report - u16 Gold

Coach: Gavin Clinch

Manager: Bill Maier

Trainers: Adam Westwood & Glen Brailey


Best and Fairest: Hayden Westwood

Best Forward: Justin Leeton

Best Back: Joey Gair

Coach’s Award: Taj Brailey

Most Improved: Lachlan McDowell

Senior Club Champion 2020 - Hayden Westwood

It was a great year for all considering the delayed start and issues with COVID-19. The boys had a great season again finishing 4th and unlucky not to make it through to the Grand Final.

We had limited numbers all season and played some games with 14 or 15 players. Other than round 1 we only got beat by 4 points as our biggest losing margin with wins over the premiers De La Salle and a draw also with De La Salle in our last game.

The boys really improved and enjoyed the big minutes they got to play through the Year. This age is difficult with numbers because of school/work and other social commitments which means numbers start to drop off and it is difficult to get teams staying together.

I really hope they stick together as they are a great team to coach. I have really enjoyed spending the time with them and seeing them develop into good footy players, but most importantly great young men. I would like to thank Adam, Glenn and Bill for all the time and effort they have put in to helping the boys at training and on game day.

To all the parent’s thanks again for your support in getting the boys to training and games during a difficult season. Let’s all get back together in 2021 and have a real crack at winning the comp as I have no doubt you can win the comp with a few numbers and a healthy squad.

Thanks to Dave, Jen and all the committee members on your hard work in running a great footy club at Bosco.


Keegan Darby-Notley Limited game time this Year due to rep basketball. When Keegan did play and train as usual, he was full of energy and assisted wherever possible to put the team first. I hope Keegan can fit footy and basketball in next Year as he has a lot to offer on the footy field.

Logan Clinch Good season for Logan playing the whole Year at either 7 or 6. Due to injuries he had numerous partners in the halves, but took control and managed the team on the park. As he has got bigger his confidence has grown and improved in both his attack and defence setting up many tries and stopping them with some great defence.

Kade Dunn Solid year from Kade as he was working long hours then showing up and putting in at training and on the field. Played in the middle and never took a backwards step against a lot bigger forwards during the Season.

Joey Gair As always Joey leads from the front as Captain. Every game he puts in 100% and makes numerous breaks and never misses a tackle. Joey can play any position on the field, but really made the number 1 his spot for the Year. Joey picked up the award for best back this Year and deserved it.

Luke Maier-Sotiropoulos Changed positions this Year to the wing. Wasn’t sure how he would go as a winger, as usual he blitzed it and had another awesome season. He was one of the standouts in the backs. His defence is massive and rarely missed a tackle through the whole year.

Luke Raymond Huge year for Luke playing Matts Cup and then bringing that confidence back to Bosco. Great kid to coach and has a big future in the game. Was very close to the main awards, but was just pipped by Hayden and Juzza. Really has a big future in the game. He has the size, strength and the attitude to match it.

Ryan Junario Ryan picked up bad cut early in the season. This didn’t affect his game as he went on to have another great Year playing wing and fullback. Ryan scored some great tries and returned the ball very strongly during the Season.

Max De Meio Unfortunately, Max missed 90% of the season with ankle and knee injuries. Massive loss for the team as Max finished the rep season very fit and strong ready for a big Year. Hopefully back to full fitness in 2021.

Lachlan Goodwin Great year for Lachlan playing some good footy and making the wing spot his own. Scored some great tries and his defence was solid all season. Highlight of the Year was kicking 6 from 6 playing De La to help us draw the game.

Hayden Westwood Huge year for Hayden picking up the main award for our team and also winning the Bosco Senior Club Champion. Hayden played a bit wider this Year and was outstanding at hitting the hole or playing as ball player. He has all the potential to go onto higher levels.

Joel Patton Another great year for Joel playing in the Centres. Didn’t get as many tries as Years before, but his defence is up with the best I’ve seen for a 16 year old. Great to have around the team and a player that goes up a level when the going gets tough.

Ben Metcalfe Moved into the middle this year and this turned out to be great for Ben and the team. Plays tough week in and week out and loved mixing it with the big boys. Has a future in footy and I hope he continues on playing with the boys. The comedian of the team and one player I really enjoy coaching and seeing him develop.

Taj Brailey Massive year for Taj leading the team in both attack and defence. His tackling technique is brilliant, and his passing of the ground is perfect. Played entire minutes each game and rarely having a break. His effort against De La in the last game was tough playing with a busted ankle. Picked up coach’s award this year as never complains and always has a smile on his face and puts the team first.

Nabatiku Utiaro Late pick up and what a pick up Nab was. Big, strong and great kid to coach who really settled into the team. His performance each week was tough and majority of games he topped the hit up list and made an impression on the boys. Really hope to get Nab back next year as the more we got to know him the better the team performed.

Sam Patton Outstanding Year again for Sam, he plays well beyond his age and size, but never takes a backward step. The way he finished the season was unbelievable, his attitude about training and playing shows Sam has a future in footy. One of the easiest kids to coach and takes on board what the coach’s tell him, and takes the advice onto the field.

Justin Letton As usual Juzza turns up every week and goes as hard as anyone I’ve seen play. Played in the middle and rarely has a break during the game. His defence has always been strong but this year we have seen Juzza use the ball putting players into gaps. Big year for Juzza coming up as he’s put on the size now to mix it up with the best.

Nathan Connolly Great year again for Nathan playing in the middle and going hard week after week. The quiet achiever of the team who always gives 100% and trains hard. Juggles soccer and footy and is one of the fittest in the team. He is a great kid to coach and to have in the team.

Lachlan McDowell First year with Bosco and what a year he had. Started as winger, then centre and into second row, but finished in the middle. Really developed over the year and has put on some size to be able to mix it with all. Great kid to coach and is always keen to learn and be part of the team. Big couple of years coming up for Lachlan and really keen to see him develop further.

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