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2020 Season Report - u6 Gold

Thanks for the opportunity and support over the season.

It was great to have Meagan and Aaron assist with training and game day/club communication as I had no idea. It had been over 20 years since I had played and I now know that playing and coaching are two very different things especially with under 6's.

I don't think anything could have prepared me for coaching 10 energetic kids. They were great fun to be around and of course all had their own strengths and personalities.

Archie Patmore

Is lightening fast with a super side step and would always follow the play in attack. In defence he would always return to the defensive line ready for the next tackle. He would also run from one side of the paddock to the other to make a try saving cover tackle. A big point scorer in the game.

Levi Horne

Super fast, Massive step, Big points scorer, Great in defence with cover tackles.

Levi would jump straight into dummy half to keep the game flowing without being asked and would do it well. Great future no doubt.

Max Horne

Rock hard and very strong. He would love to take a quick tap on restart and run. Great side step and speed. Max would just run all day, another great tackler and point scorer.

Jordan Nunn

Very passionate with his training and game day. Once he got the ball Jordan was hard to stop and had all the players on the opposition guessing. Big tackles and plenty that saved tries.

Luca France

Another great runner and tackler who would always keep the opposition guessing once he got the ball. Luca would pull off some big tackles on the sideline saving tries. Great at putting points on the board as well. The quiet achiever.

Bonnie Helmreich

In her first year of footy Bonnie looks to have enjoyed her season and was not afraid to run the ball and jump into dummy half. Bonnie would love to have little conversations with me on the paddock during the game, she would make me laugh. Bonnie would mix it up just as good as the boys in both training and game day. Well done Bonnie.

Max Gellie

Great first season Max, you have the size and power to be a great player. You would run with four or so opposition players hanging off you, you have a massive fend that will prove to be a key feature in your future footy.

Deacon Annesley

Great first season Deacon, watching you run, tackle, pass and back up other players was great to see and you just started doing this yourself. Amazing to see you pass to team mates and assist with scoring tries.

Zyon Makwaiba

The youngest of the team with absolutely no fear at all. It was great running around with you and watching you tackle and run the ball off the tap restart running into players twice your size. We can see you love the game Zyon.

Archie Rossington

Was a pleasure watching you play your first game of footy as your dad. Your tackling was great and your ball running would confuse everybody including me. You look to love the game and had fun.

As a playing group it was a pleasure spending time with all the kids and watching them grow as players. I'm sure they all learnt something and enjoyed the season.

What a great bunch of kids !!!

I'd like to thank the parents for getting the kids to training, helping out at training, game day and assisting with club duty roster.

Good luck to all the kids moving up to under 7's next year, a year of new skills for you.

Big thanks to the club for getting the season off the ground despite COVID 19.

P.S. sorry for losing the game ball Dave, it was the one thing you said "..don't lose the game ball.." lol

Thanks again,

Justin Rossington.

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