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2020 Season Report - u9B

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Coach: Andrew Pogson

Manager: Kelly Kearney

Award Winners

Best & Fairest: Ash Hayes-Conway

Coaches Award: Jake Beckett

Most Improved: Callum Pogson

“Grateful for the footy” is the most simple summary of the craziness that was 2020. We had 8 of the 9 return from the u8's, a success in itself. We had 2 new faces too, Sean and Jack. We gelled from day 1, which was a credit to the boys given the season’s prep was so short. And this typified the boys’ team work and the building of their individual skills throughout the year. Every single one of the boys improved out of sight and this translated into some great early results that meant we were graded into the top half of the division. Each of our matches were harder from there on in but we still managed a couple of wins and pushed the eventual premiers in our last game of the season. More importantly the learning and skill development was amazing from all.

It is because of this effort and commitment, the boys were just brilliant to coach all year. Their energy, love for footy and ability to welcome 2 new team members at different times of the year was a real credit to their maturity as individuals. In short, they made the old bloke Poggo extremely proud for the 2nd year running – what a group and congratulations to each and everyone of you.

A call out to all the parents involved. You are a fantastic bunch and give me so much support in coaching the team. You make it a pleasure to coach the lads and I thank you all for that.

Kel – you keep me organised and game days don’t happen without you, thanks for “herding the cats” that is managing u/9s and, of course, me!

TK – thanks for chipping in with not only with help running the water but suggesting ideas along the way, along with the assistance in warming up the kids on game day. Its most welcomed, helps me get through the year, and great for the boys to hear a different voice from a different angle too – thanks mate.

Go the Bulldogs!


Ashton Hayes-Conway

A very well deserved Best & Fairest for Ash. He is so consistent and simply doesn’t have a poor game. His all round performances every week in both attack and defence were crucial in the team’s development and competitiveness. Ash’s awareness in defence, especially from the new position of marker, showed that he learns quickly and has a great footy brain. Brilliant season Ash!

Callum Pogson

Cal improved out of sight this year, most notably in his defence. I don’t think I’ve heard as loud a cheer for a tackle than one he made head on in front of the Bosco parents late in the season. He continued his smart runs from Dummy Half too, sneaking a couple of meaties whilst the opposition weren’t aware and his strong running gained us plenty of hard earned metres up the middle. Onya Cal.

Jake Becket

Jake had some absolutely outstanding performances this year and took home the equal most “3 pointers” in the Best and Fairest. Jake’s commitment and never say die, was exemplified most with a tackle he made in the last game of the season. A clean line break on the other side of the field, we’d all but given up the try…..until Jake came from nowhere and mowed him down. Play of the season and an embodiment of Jake. Congrats on the coaches award – a pleasure to coach.

Travis Holborow

Trav came back to the team like he’d been running the sand dunes at Cronulla all summer. But the size he’d lost made him fitter and stronger than ever and had an outstanding season. Trav came up with the equal most 3 pointers in the Best and Fairest and was up there with Ash as the leading tacklers for the season. Trav was also more than handy in attack and was a major contributor to the team’s improvement. Played Trav, stellar season buddy.

Nash Warren

Nash won the U8s perpetual motion trophy and boy did he keep that going and more this season! Whenever we needed some yards – throw the ball to Nash to carve up the middle and he’d make you yards upon yards, and regularly bust all the way through for a meatie…. the best kind, right through them. Nash’s defence improved massively too over the year and he was regularly picking up points in the Best and Fairest. Superb and brutal (good) season Nash!!

Talan Kiellor

Tal has to play above his weight every week and does it in spades. Forever eager to run the ball straight into the defence with his smaller frame just shows you his commitment and love for the game. Tal had the attacking play of the season…. in defence! A massive 7head on tackle that dislodged the ball for a team mate to pick it up and go over for the try! The best try assist a team could ever have. Great season Tal, well done.

Joel Kearney

Joel is a player every team needs. His manner is to welcome all and he was integral in making our 2 new team members very much part of the team very quickly. Joel also significantly improved his personal game too, both in attack and defence. Deceptively quick, he scored a couple of tries with his heart and pace. Most impressive about Joel is how he listens and acts. We went through a few things at training and his tackling went through the roof! Booming season buddy.

Ryan Price

The RHINO! Another of the boys that plays well above his size and weight. Dead set doesn’t stop trying the Rhino and is always digging in and having more than a crack in defence. Ryan is an absolute pleasure to coach, listens and does everything you ask for and more. We implemented the umbrella in defence in the second half of the year and Ryan was one of the first to pick it up and nail it – that’s just what he does! A more than impressive season Ryan – thanks mate, loved it!

Jack Fogarty

Jack joined us a few games in and it was like he was with us all season. Jack has a massive enthusiasm for footy and the team saw this and made him welcome. His tackling and running improved put of sight and he even crossed over the try line in the second to last game of the season. And he then ripped out 3 of the best tackles you’d see in the next set. So brilliant to see Jack enjoy his footy, improve with each game and be an integral part of our unit. Beaming season Jack, well done.

Sean Smith

Sean was brand new to Rugby League this year and was like a sponge in absorbing all the info thrown at him. Scored a try in the first 3 rounds and didn’t look back from there. It’s a very difficult thing to join a group that are familiar with one another but Sean didn’t let that stop him from learning and improving out of sight over only 10 games of footy. Impressive season Sean!!

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