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Bosco Bulldogs Club Constitution



1.  The Club shall be named St John Bosco Youth Centre Junior Rugby League Football Club,  hereinafter referred to as “The Club”.
2.   The Club shall be affiliated with the St John Bosco Youth Centre.  The Club is and will continue to be a member of the St John Bosco Youth Centre.  The Club operates and will continue to operate under the Youth Centre’s auspices and the Club’s Constitution is subordinate to the Youth Centre’s Memorandum and Articles of Association and any rules thereunder.
3. The objects of the Club shall be:
(a) to encourage, foster, and promote junior rugby league as defined by the Rules and Regulations of the Australian Rugby League (hereinafter called ARL) Foundation and generally to encourage the participation of youth involvement in sport and healthy recreation in the Engadine area;

(b) to establish, support and aid the formation of any association, club or  organisation calculated for the benefit of its players and members;.

(c) to purchase, hire, lease or otherwise acquire property, leasehold or otherwise for the purposes of the Club, its players and its members;

(d) to erect, maintain, improve or alter any building or buildings for the purposes of the Club, its players and its members;

(e) to give, sell, exchange, hire, lease or otherwise dispose of property of the Club or any parts thereof;

(f) to invest and deal with any of the monies of the Club not immediately required upon such securities and in such manner as may be from time to time be determined;

(g) to make, draw, accept, execute and issue promissory notes’, bills of exchange and/or negotiable instruments;

(h) to borrow or raise or secure the payment of money;

(i) to do all such things incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
1.   The Club shall consist of an unlimited number of members eligible for membership as defined below.
2.   The method of nomination and election of members and the annual subscription payable thereby shall be determined by the Executive Committee from time to time as occasion demands.
3.  Membership shall consist of the following:
   (a)  Playing members
   (b)  Full members
   (c)  Honorary members
   (d)  Life members
4.  Playing members – Those admitted to the Club and for whom the prescribed membership fees have been paid.  Membership fees for playing members will be deemed to have been paid upon payment of registration. Such members shall be ineligible to vote at the Club’s General Meetings unless over the age of eighteen (18) years and shall be ineligible for nomination to the Committee unless over the age of twenty (20) years.

5.  Full Members – Shall be any adult (i.e. persons of or above 18 years) admitted by the committee after paying the prescribed membership fees.   Such members shall have full voting fights and, if over the age of twenty (20 years, shall be eligible to nomination to the Committee.  
6.  Honorary Members – From time to time honorary membership may be granted to persons provided they have attained the age of eighteen (18) years and shall include friends or guests of an ordinary member.  This membership is subject to clause 12 of the Articles of Association of the St John Bosco Youth Centre.
7.  Life Members – shall be open to members of at least (10) years continuous  membership, who have rendered outstanding service to the Club.  In addition, to be eligible for nomination as life members, a nominee must have served for at least seven (7) years as a committee member or as a coach or manager, or for seven (7) years combined service in two or more of these capacities.  Life members shall be exempted from annual subscription, but subject in every way to the rules of the Club.
8.  Life Members may be elected by a three quarter majority of those present and voting at the Annual General Meeting, provided notice of the nomination of the proposed Life Member has been given in the notice convening the meeting.
9.  Life Members may be elected to any Office or Committee of the Club. Life member elections are not to exceed three (3) in any one year.
10.  All membership renewals are due at the end of February of each year.
11.  Membership fees to be set by Executive Committee.
12.  All are entitled to take part in Club functions and use Club facilities.  
13.   Members must be financial by the end of March each year to participate in club activities including executive and Committee roles, coaching, managing, and training duties, voting rights at AGM’s and General Meetings.
14.   Members are to abide by Club Rules.  Any membership can be cancelled or  renewal declined by the Executive Committee if any member breaches any of the club rules.  The Executive Committee will have the final discretion on accepting or relieving any individual Membership.
15.   Members may only vote at Annual General Meetings (AGM’s) and extraordinary AGM’s after attending a minimum of four (4) monthly meetings preceding the said meeting and since or subsequent to a previous AGM or extraordinary AGM.
16.   Membership shall not be declined or members excluded on the basis of race, sex, religion or cultural differences, and all members shall abide by the legislation governing Equal Opportunity and Sexual and Anti-Discrimination.
17.   Members must at all times abide by decisions of the Executive Committee and General Committee (Vice Presidents).
18.   All members to adhere to the Code of Behaviour as set down by the Cronulla Sutherland Junior Rugby League Football Club and ARL Foundation.
19.    Members must at all times represent “The Club” with due consideration to the welfare of “The Club” to be adhered to at all times.
20.    All members must adhere to provisions of the Child Protection Policy set down by the ARL Foundation and any legislation governing these Policies.
21.    All members are representatives of St. John Bosco Youth Centre and must be guided by its own Constitution and objectives in the fostering of youth participation in sport and recreation in the Engadine area.
22.   All members must serve at least 2 years on the General Committee before they can be nominated for any Executive Committee position.
23.    All members are accountable to the Executive Committee and committee Vice Presidents.  Any members deemed to bring the Club into disrepute or who act against the interest of the Club, its players or its members may be answerable to the Executive and can be called upon to meet the Executive committee at its discretion.  
24.    Seven (7) days notice must be given to any person in ‘breach’ of the Club’s constitution or membership rules, as referred to in 23 above.
25.    Any member who refuses to meet the Executive committee may have his or her membership revoked.
26.       The officials of the Club – the Office Bearers - shall be as follows and will  comprise the General Committee:
•         President
•         Senior Vice President
•         Secretary
•         Assistant Secretary
•         Treasurer
•         Gear Steward
•         Publicity Officer
•         Social Secretary
•         Registrar
•         Licensing Officer
•         Youth Centre Liaison Officer
•         Delegate to Cronulla Sutherland Junior Rugby League
•         Saturday Ground Set-up/Control Co-ordinator
•         Sponsorship Officer
•         Magazine/Newsletter Co-ordinator 


The Executive Committee shall comprise the following committee members:
The President
The Secretary
The Treasury
The Senior Vice President
The Assistant Secretary
Some of the Office Bearer’s positions may be combined in one and be held by the same person.
27.     All office bearers shall vacate their office at the Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for re-election.
28.     The election of Office Bearers shall be by a show of hands except where a ballot is demanded by at least 4 members.
29.     Where more than 1 person is nominated for an official position, a ballot may be taken.
30.    The funds of the Club shall be expended or invested according to the instructions of the Committee and its assets disposed of according to the directions of the General Meeting.

31.      The funds of the Club and assets shall be kept in the name of the President, Secretary and Treasurer for and on behalf of the Club and shall be used solely for furtherance of Rugby League in the Engadine District.

32.      The accounts of the Club shall be kept in such a bank or banks, as may, from time to time, be determined by the Committee.  All payments from the bank accounts shall be made by order of the Committee and all cheques drawn on the said accounts shall be signed by any two of the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

33.   The Committee shall cause proper accounts to be kept with respect to all sums of money received and the assets and liabilities of the Club and at each general and Annual General Meeting, the President and Treasurer, on behalf of the Committee shall lay before the Club a report dealing with their administration of the Club funds during the previous month together with a receipt and payment account and Balance and Reconciliation sheet for the preceding month.
34.   Minutes:  The Club Secretary or his delegate shall keep a record of all meetings held by the Committee.  The Secretary of his delegate shall keep minutes of all general and Annual General Committee meetings held from time to time.


35.   The Annual General Meeting shall be held at such time and place as the Committee shall determine and at least fourteen (14) days notice of the time and place of holding it shall be given by the Secretary to each member. (see under Notices for methods of service).
36.   The accidental omission to give such notice to or the non receipt of any such notice by any members shall not invalidate the meeting.
37.   The ordinary business to be transacted at annual General Meeting shall be to:
•         Read and confirm the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting.
•         To receive the Treasurers Financial Statement for the twelve (12) months ended.
•         To elect the office bearers and committee members of the Club for the ensuing year.
•         Nominations for office bearers and committee members must be given in writing  to Secretary at least 7 (seven) days prior to the AGM.
38.   Notice of any other business for consideration at the Annual General Meeting, except for matters arising under clauses 34-37 (Alteration of Constitution), shall be given in writing to the Secretary at least seven (7) days prior to the day of the meeting.  Such notice shall state the specific business proposed and shall be signed by the proposer and the seconder and the Secretary shall include such business in the notice of the meeting.

39.   Special General Meeting.  A special general meeting shall be convened by the Secretary if so directed by the Committee or upon receiving a requisition stating proposed business and signed by at least ten (10) members who are entitled to vote at a general meeting.

40.    At least seven (7) days notice of such meeting and business shall be given by the Secretary to the members.

41.    In the case of a Special General Meeting convened at the discretion of the Committee, the day, time and place of such meeting shall be fixed by the Committee.   In the case of a Special General Meeting convened following a requisition, the day, time and place shall be decided by the Secretary provided that the meeting shall be held within twenty-one days (21) days of the receipt of the requisition.


42.    The executive committee may vary the above time requirements in relation to notices.



43.   The quorum for any General Meeting shall be ten (10).  No business shall be  transacted at any General Meeting unless the quorum requisite be present at the commencement of such business.


44.  No member, who owes any money to the Club by way of subscriptions or otherwise, shall be entitled to vote at any General Meeting of the Club.  Subject to the aforesaid, every member entitled to vote shall have one vote but voting by proxy shall not be allowed.


45.   The affairs of the Club shall be managed by an executive committee of five (5) comprising the President, who shall act as Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer and two (2) other elected members.
46.   A Quorum for any executive meeting shall be three members.


47.   The management and control of the Club shall be vested in the Executive Committee, which in addition to the powers and authorities by these rules expressly conferred upon it, may exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things as may be exercised or done by the club and are not hereby expressly directed or required to be exercised or done by the Club and are not hereby expressly directed or required to be exercised or done by the Club at a General Meeting.

48.  Without prejudice to the general powers conferred by the last preceding clause and to the other powers conferred by these rules the Executive Committee shall have the following powers:

a.      to declare vacant the office of any member of the Committee absenting himself/herself without reasonable excuse or consent, from three (3) consecutive meetings.
b.     to appoint sub-committees to report on any matters coming within its jurisdiction.
c.      Should any committee position become vacant at any time between the Annual General Meetings, the Executive Committee shall have the power to fill such vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting.
d.     to make, add to, alter or rescind any of the rules or sub-rules of the Club in accordance with Clauses 34-37 (Alteration of Constitution), provided that they are not inconsistent with this Constitution or the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the St. John Bosco Youth Centre.
49.   Any office bearer of the Club shall vacate his/her office if he/she:
a.      shall become bankrupt or insolvent or assign his/her estate for the benefit of his/her creditors or compound with his/her creditors
b.      shall be found lunatic, or become of unsound mind, as defined by the provisions of the Mental Health Act, 1990 or shall be declared by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be incapable of managing his/her affairs;
c.       shall resign his/her office by notice in writing left at/or sent by registered post to the Secretary of the Club;
d.      shall be convicted of a criminal offence;
50.   Any member or officer of the Club, including  a member of the Committee may be removed from office or a position on the Committee by a resolution for such removal, provided all members of the Committee (other than the officer to be removed) vote in favour of such removal.  The Secretary shall give written notice to the Officer or member who will be entitled to give oral or written explanation at the meeting in relation to his/her removal.
51.  Once a year the accounts of the Club shall be examined and the correctness of the receipts and payments accounts and Balance Sheet certified by the Auditors, who shall be appointed by the St John Bosco Youth Centre.


52.  Such Auditor(s) shall at all reasonable times have access to the books of the accounts of the Club and may in relation thereto examine members of the Committee or other officers of the Club.
53.  The annual subscription for each member shall be fixed by the Executive Committee and renewable and payable as set out in clauses 10-13 under Membership.
Unfinancial members may not be permitted to represent the Club and may be liable to have their names removed from the list of members.
54.   The Selection or Grading committee shall comprise a panel of three (3) persons elected by the Executive Committee at the commencement of each season.   One of these persons shall be appointed as the head grader of the panel.   This committee shall be responsible for grading teams from Under 8 up to and including seniors (where applicable).   The Selection committee shall not include any of the parents of players in the age group to be graded.
30.    The make-up of ungraded teams will be determined by the executive committee in consultation with the prospective coach or coaches of each team.
55.  The executive committee shall call for applications or nominations for coaching positions at the end of each season.  Nominations or applications for coaching positions shall be in writing addressed to the Secretary.  The Secretary shall give notice of such and provide a deadline for the receipt of such nominations or applications.
If no nominations or applications are received for a particular coaching position by the deadline provided, the executive committee may extend the date and call for further nominations or applications accordingly.   If no such nomination or application is received within a month of the official start of the season, the executive committee may appoint a coach to the unfilled position.
Coaches should only coach the same team for a maximum of three (3) consecutive years, before standing down, unless, in the absence of a another nomination (i.e. from another prospective coach), the executive committee determines that the period of three (3) years be extended.        
56.  The Club colours shall be Royal Blue and White.  A change to the colours shall only occur at a Special General Meeting and after a vote is taken from the members present.
57.  If, in the event of the disbandment of the Club, there remains after the payment of all its liabilities, any property or assets whatsoever, the same shall not be paid or distributed among the members of the Club but shall be given or transferred to a local charity or to the St.John Bosco Youth Centre or such other organisation or association for the time being in the State of New South Wales, to be disposed of in such a manner as directed by a General Meeting of the Club at which at least three-quarters of the members were present and voting.
58.   This Constitution may be added to, rescinded, amended, or altered at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of the Club by a resolution to do so, carried and consented to by three-quarters of the voters present thereat and voting;
59.  Voting shall be by ballot.
60.  Notice of any resolution to be proposed under this Clause must be given in writing to the secretary and forwarded to each member, stating the specific resolution.
61.   In the case of any such resolution to be proposed at any Special General Meeting of the Club at least seven (7) days notice of such resolution shall be given by the Secretary to the members.
62. Any notice required under this constitution may be served by post, fax, e-mail or by inclusion in the weekly newsletter.

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