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Wet Weather


In the event of wet weather:

Players and Parents should always assume that games or training are ON, until you have been advised that they are not.  


Jurisdiction for grounds passes from the Council to the District Junior Rugby League, and then to the Club, at different cut-off times leading up to weekends for game day. 


Please rely on your Team Manager’s advice or procedures he/she as put in place about playing or training in wet weather or on wet grounds.


On Game Day: Team Managers will be advised if Boystown is 'Closed' and / or if Games involving Bosco Bulldogs have been 'Cancelled'. This information will be passed onto managers. Check the home page of this website and Facebook page to check for game cancellations. If in doubt always contact your team manager.


On Training Days - Assume training is on unless grounds are specifically closed. You can check by calling 9710 0105 or visiting the council website by clicking here


IMPORTANT - Do not use fields when they have been 'Closed' as the Club can be fined by the Council.

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